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IBM Lotus Notes Domino 8.5 System Administration Update

Question No: 51

Mailboxevent notification is also a router optimization, and it means when the router in Domino is running in a steady state and a new message is deposited in MAIL.BQX, a copy of the message is made and placed on a mailbox event queue which is then used by a newMailEvent thread in the router. The router can use the copy of the message for what purpose?

  1. Makes extra copies of the note for delivery to multiple recipients.

  2. Discover new messages or transfer notes without fully opening them for delivery.

  3. Discovers new messages, but requires a search of MAILBOX and a full note open to deliver the message.

  4. Delivers new messages without a full note open, but requires a search of MAILBOX in order to discover new messages.

Answer: B

Question No: 52

Greg finds bitmap images in a document are showing as JPG format. Greg has recently enabled image compression in his Lotus Notes client. Why would theimages show as JPG format?

  1. JPG format is the default image format for all documents.

  2. Greg has the 鈥淐onvert images to JPG Format鈥?option selected in his client preferences.

  3. The bitmap image was too large. The Lotus Notes client converted the imagein order to be under the attachment size quota.

  4. Greg pasted the bitmap into the document. Pasting a bitmap into a document will convert the image to JPG or GIF format when image compression is turned on.

Answer: D

Question No: 53

While upgrading his Domino servers to 8.5, Clint is considering utilizing the Domino Attachment and Object Service. He has not migrated all of his databases to the new on- disk structure (ODS), however, so the option is not available. Which of the following steps can he perform to prepare them for DAOS?

  1. He can pre-enable them for consolidation

  2. He can create a program document to enable the feature

  3. He can change the file extension of the databases to .ns8

  4. He can create an Administration Process request that will process only when the databases are upgraded

Answer: A

Question No: 54

How does custom Java code and standard Java API libraries differ from Signed Agents when executing in a Notes client?

  1. There is no difference. The signer of the XPage application will be checked against the ECL of the local workstation.

  2. The permissions of the XPage application signer are checked against the Java SecurityManager FCL to determine if the signer has permission to perform the operation.

  3. When the code is executed the Java Security Manager passes a permission check to the Notes Client ECL to see if the XPage application signer has permission to perform theoperation.

  4. Custom Java code and standard Java API libraries are not bound by the local ECL like Signed Agents are. The runtime permissions are based on the XPage ECL which is contained in the XPage application.

Answer: C

Question No: 55

While creating the ID vault, you must configure the organizations that trust thevault for ID storage. Which of the following does this create?

  1. User policy configurations

  2. ID vault administrator accounts

  3. Vault trust certificates in the Domino Directory

  4. Certifier ID files of the organizations or organizational units withvault trust certificates

Answer: C

Question No: 56

You have inherited a Domino domain with multiple vault servers. Which of the following designates the primary vault server in your ID Vaults – Manage tool?

  1. A star

  2. A flag

  3. A checkmark

  4. An alternate color

Answer: C

Question No: 57

To remove an ID vault from a Domino server, you must be a vault administrator, have Editor Access to the Domino Directory, and which of the following?

  1. Have access to the vault ID file and password

  2. Have Manager rights to the Administration Process database

  3. Have the ability to delete user policy documents from the Domino Directory

  4. Have physical access to the operating system to complete the removal process

Answer: A

Question No: 58

After a device profile has been created for a particular device in Lotus Traveler, changes to the policy settings have no effect on settings for that mobile device unless which of the followingoccurs?

  1. The user accepts the profile

  2. The settings are locked

  3. The user reboots the mobile device

  4. The administrator forces a remote wipe to occur

Answer: B

Question No: 59

Sam has been directed to create dynamic policies to set certain desktop settings depending on to which group a user belongs.What does Sam need to do in order to accomplish this task?

  1. Sam needs to create the policy and assign the policy to the corresponding group.

  2. Sam would create the policies and assign the policies based on the home server for each user.

  3. Sam needs Editor access to the Domino Directory and the PolicyCreator role to create the policy. Sam would then create the policy and assign groups to the policy.

  4. Sam needs Editor access to the Domino Directory, and the PolicyCreator and PolicyModifier roles to create the policy. Sam would then create the policy and assign groups to the policy.

Answer: C

Question No: 60

The router in Domino 8.5 utilizes cached and additional copies of messages to be delivered. How is this approach applied to a message destined for multiple recipients?

  1. The router opens each full noteto discover the additional recipients

  2. The note is copied in the mailbox and prepared for delivery by the router

  3. Additional copies of this message are made as needed for multiple recipients

  4. The message is delivered by the router to oneindividual, and then the router queries the mailbox file for the next recipient

Answer: C

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