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Administering IBM Connections 4.0

Question No: 31 – (Topic 1)

In order to preserve customizations made toIBM Connections 3.0.1 during migration, what must be done?

  1. Nothing, they are preserved during export.

  2. Customizations must be manually re-created.

  3. Back them up, then re-apply them.

  4. Only customized CSS, JSP, and HTML must be re-applied.

Answer: C

Question No: 32 – (Topic 1)

Alla needs to gather logs to send to IBM Support. They are helping her resolve an issue she is having with theinstallation of an IBM Connections 4.0 environment on Red Hat Linux. Where might she find these files on her system?

  1. /opt/IBM/Connections/data

  2. /opt/IBM/Connections/logs

  3. /opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/profiles/AppSrv01/logs/server1

  4. /tmp/Connections/logs

Answer: B

Question No: 33 – (Topic 1)

Identify one post-install step that is mandatory while performing an IBM Connections 4.0 installation.

  1. Define a valid administrator email address so that Connections 4.0 applications can use that address for system notifications.

  2. Create a mail session on Deployment Manager so that all Connections 4.0 applications can be enabled for email and notification support.

  3. Review and modify JVM heap size and adjust it if necessary to avoid out of memory errors on each WebSphere Application Server node.

  4. Change the context root of URLs that point to Connections 4.0 applications.

Answer: C

Question No: 34 – (Topic 1)

When an administrator runs a sync_all_dns, a comparison is made of thedata contained in LDAP versus the Peopledb. Where is the current LDAP URL stored?

  1. map_dbrepos_from_source.properties

  2. profiles_tdi.properties

  3. profiles-config.xml

  4. solution.properties

Answer: B

Question No: 35 – (Topic 1)

By default, custom extensions are mapped to what data source?

  1. An IBM DB2 database

  2. The LDAP directory

  3. The IBM Cognos repository

  4. The portal#39;s home page

Answer: B

Question No: 36 – (Topic 1)

A day after Locke updated the JDBC properties for the IBM Connections features he realizes that new users are not being synced from his company#39;s LDAP environment to the Profiles database. What other file(s) does Locke need to update with the new properties to resolve the issue?

  1. LotusConnections-config.xml

  2. tdisettings.properties and LotusConnections-config.xml

  3. tdisettings.properties

  4. profiles_tdi.properties file

Answer: D

Question No: 37 – (Topic 1)

What is the purpose of a background search index?

  1. Lowers CPU utilization during peak usage times.

  2. Allows the administrator to correct inconsistencies in the main index without down time.

  3. Allows the administrator to load-balance search among applications.

  4. Reduces the amount of space required for search backups.

Answer: B

Question No: 38 – (Topic 1)

Bill must perform on-line backups. Of the following, which should be the first step?

  1. Hemust backup the database before the file system.

  2. He must tell the wiki IBM WebSphere Application Server to quit.

  3. He must stop the IBM HTTP Server.

  4. He should open the WebSphere Application Server administration client and select on- line backup modeling.

Answer: A

Question No: 39 – (Topic 1)

How would anadministrator configure IBM Connections to prevent email addresses from being displayed in the product and protect the privacy of users?

  1. By using a text editor

  2. With the IBM Cognos Express client

  3. With the IBM DB2 Connect client

  4. By running a script on the server hosting the Connections server

Answer: D

Question No: 40 – (Topic 1)

Which of the following statements is true regardingcustomization debugging in IBM Connections 4.0?

  1. It is resource intensive and has a major impact on product performance.

  2. It will modify the UI of the application by showing all CSS, JS, JSP files being used at the top of the page when loading.

  3. Itcan be enabled via xml configuration using lotusconnections-config.xml.

  4. This feature must be enabled on the HTTP server.

Answer: A

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