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IBM Cognos 10 BI OLAP Developer

Question No: 41

What does the developer specify when creating a test build that uses a subset of the source data?

  1. The number of categories.

  2. The dimensions to include in the cube.

  3. The number of records.

  4. The measures to include in the cube.

Answer: C

Question No: 42

Where are the log files accessed to troubleshoot issues?

  1. In the Content store.

  2. In the Binfolder in the installation directory.

  3. In the path set in Transformer preferences.

  4. In the Temp directory.

Answer: C

Question No: 43

At the beginning of the fiscal year, the Camping Equipment product line reduced the number of products that are being sold. What can be done to remove the inactive categories that are no longer needed in the model?

  1. Set the level inclusion to suppress categories that are not needed.

  2. Incrementally update the Powercube.

  3. Prevent the automatic generation of new categories.

  4. Generate the categories.

Answer: A

Question No: 44

How does a developer associate a custom view with a PowerCube?

  1. Update the Powercube properties.

  2. Specify the path of the Powercube in the custom view.

  3. Specify the packagename in the custom view.

  4. Drag the custom view to the appropriate Powercube.

Answer: D

Question No: 45

To control access to content for users that have similar responsibilities and privileges,where should security be applied?

  1. Data source

  2. Role

  3. User

  4. Namespace

Answer: B

Question No: 46

How is the PowerCube updated once changes are made to a custom view?

  1. The cube must be rebuilt.

  2. The custom view should be re-defined.

  3. The changes are automatically updated.

  4. Security objects must be re-assigned.

Answer: A

Question No: 47

In Transformer, how can a developer restrict access to an entire PowerCube from authorized users?

  1. Apply cube-based security.

  2. Set member-based security.

  3. Apply namespace-level security.

  4. Set package-based security.

Answer: A

Question No: 48

A group called Authors is used in a custom view. How is information updated if the Author group members change in the authentication provider?

  1. The PowerCube must be rebuilt.

  2. The services must be restarted in Cognos Configuration.

  3. The changes are automatically updated at run time.

  4. The package must be republished.

Answer: C

Question No: 49

What objects can be created within the Cognos Namespace?

  1. Roles and users

  2. Groupsand roles

  3. Groups and users

  4. Members

Answer: B

Question No: 50

How can a developer define a specific view of the data and restrict access to it?

  1. Apply cube-based security.

  2. Set member-based security.

  3. Apply namespace-level security.

  4. Set package-based security.

Answer: B

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