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IBM FileNet Content Manager V5.2, Specialist

Question No: 81 – (Topic 2)

An object valued property can be used to enforce which two of the following? (choose two.)

  1. Annotations.

  2. Referential integrity.

  3. Security inheritance.

  4. Content classification.

  5. Maximum content size.

Answer: B,C

Question No: 82 – (Topic 2)

Which of the following IBM FileNet Components does NOT support the IBM FileNet Dashboard?

  1. IBM FileNet Business Process Manager.

  2. IBM FileNet Panagon Capture Professional.

  3. IBM FileNet Image Services Resource Adapter.

  4. IBM FileNet Panagon Web Services / Open Client.

Answer: B

Question No: 83 – (Topic 2)

Which Workplace and WorkplaceXT Site Preferences setting allows for user information to be passed from one application to another to avoid having to log in again?

  1. WebDAV.

  2. User Tokens.

  3. Access Roles.

  4. Application Integration.

Answer: B

Question No: 84 – (Topic 2)

What is the primary objective of the Content Engine security cache?

  1. To improve performance by caching directory provider entries on the Content Engine server.

  2. To help with consistency of queries by keeping a list of frequently used directory provider queries.

  3. To ensure that users and groups that are deleted from the directory server are still valid for the Content Engine.

  4. To improve accuracy of directory provider queries by querying several directory servers and consolidating the results.

Answer: A

Question No: 85 – (Topic 2)

The FileNet Enterprise Manager export manifest function determines the number of XML output files based on which of the following criteria?

  1. The specified rollover size.

  2. The exported objects#39; object type and rollover size.

  3. The specified rollover size and amount of available memory.

  4. All information is contained in one large XML file if the rollover size is set arbitrarily high.

Answer: B

Question No: 86 – (Topic 2)

What is the key concept to achieving high availability and avoiding a single point of failure?

  1. Auditing

  2. Redundancy

  3. Recoverability

  4. Vertical scalability

Answer: B

Question No: 87 – (Topic 2)

An administrator is planning the installation of an IBM FileNet Content Manager V5.2 system and is reviewing database requirements.

Which one of the following is true?

  1. It is required that there is a separate database for each object store.

  2. It is required that there is a separate data source for each object store.

  3. It can be configured to use the same data source for multiple object stores.

  4. It is required that the database user has full dba rights on the object store database.

Answer: C

Question No: 88 – (Topic 2)

Consider the following distributed P8 configuration:

All objectstores are configured to use file storage areas and content based retrieval (CBR). A complete offline backup of the system runs daily at 10 PM. If a disk failure occurs at 2 PM on server C and all database files are lost, how should the administrator recover the system?

  1. Restore database files to server C

  2. Restore database files to server C, and index collection files to server B

  3. Restore database files to server C, and file storage files to the NAS device

  4. Restore database files to server C, index collection files to server B, and file storage files to the NAS device

Answer: D

Question No: 89 – (Topic 2)

Where does the Content Engine store object metadata (including security)?

  1. LDAP

  2. Database

  3. File System

  4. Global Configuration Database

Answer: B

Question No: 90 – (Topic 2)

What is a user implemented action that the Content Engine system performs when a document moves from one state to another called?

  1. Event action.

  2. Publish action.

  3. Lifecycle action.

  4. Versioning action.

Answer: C

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