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IBM Lotus Notes Domino 8.5 System Administration Update

Question No: 31

Which of thefollowing are options utilized to provide the communication mechanism used by the server to exchange automatic synchronization messages with the device client?

  1. UDP or ICMP

  2. ICMP or SMS

  3. SMS or TCP Network

  4. TCP Network or ICMP

Answer: C

Question No: 32

Lotus Notes Traveler server maintains a database with information pertaining to the cluster replicas of the mail files that are being synchronized with a Lotus Notes Traveler client. The file name of this database is which of the following?

  1. travcldir.nsf

  2. mduserdir.nsf

  3. ntsclcache.nsf

  4. lntravcache.ndk

Answer: C

Question No: 33

In Domino 8.5, when the router is running in a steady state and a new message is deposited in MAIL.BOX, a copy of the message is made and placedon a mailbox event queue that is then used by a new MailEvent thread in the router. Which of the following is this feature?

  1. Mailbox copy services

  2. Router threaded delivery

  3. Mailbox event notification

  4. Mail queue delivery scheduler

Answer: C

Question No: 34

Joe has enabled Lotus Traveler policies for his users and has them applied when users first install their client software. He has made recent changes to the policy, but users are

not receiving the changes. Joe found that he could manually force the update by issuing which of the following server commands?

  1. load traveler client update

  2. tell adminp process traveler

  3. load traveler policy manager

  4. tell traveler process policy

Answer: B

Question No: 35

To force encryption on DAOS storage, which of the following notes.ini entries must be in place on the server?



  3. ServerNDLEncrypt=1

  4. DAOSServerStoreEnc=0

Answer: B

Question No: 36

Terry is working on a document in a database on a server that is DAOSenabled. While in the document, Terry replaces the attachment with a new version. Which of the following occurs to the attachmentin the DAOS store?

  1. The server adjusts references to the attachment in DAOS

  2. The server removes the reference from all mail files that pointed to that original file reference

  3. The server removes the previous attachment entirely from DAOS and inserts the link to the new attachment

  4. The server sends the full previous attachment to all user mail files that pointed to that original file reference

Answer: A

Question No: 37

Vanessa wishes to control ID file downloads fromthe ID vault by requiring authorization. Which of the following would allow this action?

  1. Set the download limit to 0, and raise it when necessary for users

  2. Configure a DDM event that notifies administrators of ID file download attempts

  3. Specifyan administrator group in the ID vault profile to be notified of a download attempt

  4. Configure the Administration Process to request specified administrator approval before allowing downloads

Answer: A

Question No: 38

The ACME corporation has implemented DAOS with encryption. To remove encryption on attachments in a large object file, which of the following steps must be performed after disabling it on the server?

  1. The server ID must be utilized to open the attachments to be unencrypted

  2. The user must open the attachment one time after the encryption setting is modified

  3. The user must resave every document that contains the attachments to be unencrypted

  4. The file must be deleted in every document that references it, so that it is deleted in the repository, then recreated

Answer: D

Question No: 39

To utilize Domino Configuration Tuner, the person running the tool must have which of the followingrights?

  1. At least Designer access to the Domino Directory as well as Read access to the Domino server log files

  2. At least Read access to the Domino Directory as well as quot;View console accessquot; as defined in the server documents

  3. At least Read access to the Domino Directory as well as quot;View only administratorsquot; access as defined in server documents

  4. At least Editor access to the Domino Directory as well as quot;Full access administratorsquot; access as defined in server documents

Answer: C Explanation:

Users are able to change settings for their own devices in Lotus Traveler; however, the synchronization default settings for all users comes from which of the following files?

  1. NTSConfig.xml

  2. iltraveler.config

  3. travsyncconfig.xml

  4. traveler.properties Answer: A

Question No: 40

Oscar is listed in the server full administration rights field. He is unable to run unrestricted agents with full administration rights, though. Which of the following is also required to allow this access?

  1. The agent signer should be listed in the run restricted LotusScript/Java agents field

  2. The agent signer should be listed in the sign or run unrestricted methods and operations field

  3. The agent signer should be listed in the sign script libraries to run on behalf of someone else field

  4. The agent signer should be listed in the sign agents or XPages to run on behalf of the invoker of the agent field

Answer: B

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