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IBM Lotus Notes Domino 8.5 System Administration Update

Question No: 11

You have set the following variable for your Domino Attachment and Object. Service: Defer object deletion for 100 days

Which of the following results are obtained from this setting?

  1. Objects in DAOS are deleted every 100 days

  2. Objects in DAOS are kept for only 100 days until they are deleted

  3. Objects in DAOS are linked for only 100 days to the original document

  4. Objects in DAOS are kept 100 additional days after the last referenceis removed

Answer: D

Question No: 12

In Lotus Notes 8.5, the start-up sequence has been reordered for users. Presume that the following notes.ini entry is configured: ENABLE_EARLY_AUTHENTICATION=0

Which of the following occurs to the user experience?

  1. Users are not allowed to utilize Windows shared login

  2. Users are prompted to authenticate before the Notes workbench

  3. The Notes workbench appears, and users are prompted to authenticate

  4. Users are forced to utilize Windows shared logininstead of Notes login

Answer: C

Question No: 13

Your development team has modified the client download site for Lotus Traveler. All of the changes, though, are not being seen as the server is still pointing to the old directory and files. You have successfully modified the Home URL in the Internet Site Document. Which of the following must also be modified?

  1. The servlet utilized by the Domino Web server

  2. The NTS_WEBSITE_HOME parameter in the notes.ini file

  3. Disable Internet Site documents in the Domino server

  4. Make TCP port 8642 available to all users to see the new site documents

Answer: B

Question No: 14

Kathy, the Domino administrator, issued a Show Server command on her Domino server. The following showed for the current status of Domino Attachment and Object Service: Read Only Which of the following describes the explanation for this status?

  1. File attachments exist in the DAOS repository, and they are read whendocuments containing them are retrieved

  2. No file attachments exist in the DAOS repository, and all attachments are stored in their full size in documents

  3. If any file attachments are created in participating databases, they are placed in the DAOS repository and available

  4. All file attachments in the DAOS directory are specified as read only and may not be

edited or removed from DAOS until it is unlocked

Answer: A

Question No: 15

Creating an ID vault on your Domino server requires administrator access to the server on which you create it, Editor access to the Domino Directory, and which of the following?

  1. Create databases and templates access

  2. Membership of the ID Vault Admins group

  3. The ID Vault Admin role in the Domino Directory

  4. The ID Vault secret key generated from the server ID file

Answer: A

Question No: 16

The following variable was found in a user#39;s notes.ini file: ENABLE_EARLY_AUTHENTICATION=0 Which of the following will not function properly?

  1. Roaming user

  2. Authentication after the Notes workbench appears

  3. The ability to log into the integrated Sometimeclient

  4. The ability to recover user ID files from the server ID vault

Answer: A

Question No: 17

Password reset certificates are utilized to authorize people to reset user passwords with the

Reset Password tool. To which of the following can you NOT issue a password reset certificate?

  1. Individuals

  2. Organizations

  3. A directory group

  4. Organizational units

Answer: C

Question No: 18

Which of the following notes.ini variables must be in place to enable the Domino Attachment and Object Service on your Domino server?

  1. ServerTasks=DAOS

  2. AttachmentService=2

  3. Create_R85_Databases=1

  4. DAOS_Enabled_On_Server=1

Answer: C

Question No: 19

Domino Attachment and Object Service is supported oneach of the following, EXCEPT?

  1. Mailbox databases

  2. DB2 enabled databases

  3. Non-mail file databases

  4. Domino servers hosted on an operating system in a virtual environment

Answer: B

Question No: 20

Your company, ACME Marble, has users located around the globe, and organizational unitcertifiers have been created for each geographic area. You have created an IDvault for the /ACMEMarble organization level that is replicated as well as geographic vaults for Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia on servers located in those regions. If a user in Europe has a vault policy, in which of the following vaults will the ID be placed?

  1. The local vault for Europe will collect the user ID

  2. The conflict will not allow any ID to be collected by a vault

  3. The ID will be placed in both the geographic and the organizational vaults

  4. The main vault for /ACMEMarble overrides the geographic vaults and will collect the ID

Answer: A

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