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IBM Security QRadar SIEM V7.2.6, Associate Analyst

Question No: 31

What is an example of the use of a flow data that provides more information than an event data?

  1. Represents a single event on the network

  2. Automatically identifies and better classifies new assets found on a network

  3. Performs near real-time comparisons of application data with logs sent from security devices

  4. Represents network activity by normalizing IP addresses ports, byte and packet counts, as well as other details

Answer: D Explanation: References:


Question No: 32

When QRadar processes an event it extracts normalized properties and custom properties. Which list includes only Normalized properties?

  1. Start time, Source IP, Username, Unix Filename

  2. Start time, Username, Unix Filename, RACF Profile

  3. Start time, Low Level Category, Source IP, Username

  4. Low Level Category, Source IP, Username, RACF Profile

Answer: C

Question No: 33

What is a common purpose for looking at flow data?

  1. To see which users logged into a remote system

  2. To see which users were accessing report data in QRadar

  3. To see application versions installed on a network endpoint

  4. To see how much information was sent from a desktop to a remote website

Answer: D

Question No: 34

Where can a user add a note to an offense in the user interface?

  1. Dashboard and Offenses Tab

  2. Offenses Tab and Offense Detail Window

  3. Offenses Detail Window, Dashboard, and Admin Tab

  4. Dashboard, Offenses Tab, and Offense Detail Window

Answer: B Explanation: References:

IBM Security QRadar SIEM Users Guide. Page: 34

Question No: 35

What is the default reason for closing an Offense within QRadar?

  1. Actioned

  2. Non-Issue

  3. Blocked Traffic

  4. Acceptable Traffic

Answer: B Explanation: References:



Question No: 36

What is a primary goal with the use of building blocks?

  1. A method to create reusable rule responses

  2. A reusable test stack that can be used in other rules

  3. A method to generate reference set updates without using a rule

  4. A method to create new events back into the pipeline without using a rule

Answer: B

Question No: 37

Which set of information is provided on the asset profile page on the assets tab in addition to ID?

  1. Asset Name, MAC Address, Magnitude, Last user

  2. IP Address, Asset Name, Vulnerabilities, Services

  3. IP Address, Operating System, MAC Address, Services

  4. Vulnerabilities, Operative System, Asset Name, Magnitude

Answer: C Explanation: References:



Question No: 38

Which three log sources are supported by QRadar? (Choose three.)

  1. Log files via SFTP

  2. Barracuda Web Filter

  3. TLS multiline Filter

  4. Oracle Database Listener

  5. Sourcefire Defense Center

  6. Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)

Answer: D,E,F

Question No: 39

What is the primary goal of data categorization and normalization in QRadar?

  1. It allows data from different kinds of devices to be compared.

  2. It preserves original data allowing for forensic investigations.

  3. It allows for users to export data and import it into other system.

  4. It allows for full-text indexing of data to improve search performance.

Answer: A

Question No: 40

What is accessible from the Offenses Tab but is not used to present a sorted list of offenses?

  1. Rules

  2. Category

  3. Source IP

  4. Destination IP

Answer: A

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