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IBM Security Guardium V10.0 Administration

Question No: 1

An infrastructure manager is presented with a few new servers that are available to deploy as a Guardium Collector appliance as part of Guardium project expansion. The Guardium administrator is asked which server option is best for a Guardium Collector.

Which server option can the Guardium administrator use for the new Collector?

  1. ja64 Intel Processor with quad-core CPU, 32GB memory, 4 NICs, 2TB disk

  2. x86_64 Intel Processor with 8-core CPU, 32GB memory, 2 NICs, 1 TB disk

  3. x86_64 Intel Processor with dual-core CPU, 24GB memory, and 2 NICs, and 200GB disk

  4. Iinuxppc64 Power Processor with 8-core CPU, 24GB memory, and 4 NICs, and 4TB disk

Answer: B

Question No: 2

An administrator has a new standalone Guardium appliance that will be placed into production next week. The appliance will monitor traffic from a number of databases with a high volume of traffic. The administrator needs to configure the schedule to ensure the appliance internal database does not get full with incoming data.

Which data management function does the administrator need to configure?

  1. Purge

  2. Data Export

  3. Data Restore

  4. System Backup

Answer: A

Question No: 3

A Guardium administrator is preparing commands to install or upgrade an S-TAP using the command line method. Which operating system can use the ktap_allow_module_combos parameter for the installation and upgrade?

  1. AIX

  2. Linux

  3. Solaris

  4. HP-UX

Answer: B

Question No: 4

Which port must be open for encrypted communication between UNIX S-TAP and Collector?

A. 9500

B. 16016

C. 16017

D. 16018

Answer: D

Question No: 5

A Guardium administrator needs to use both CLI and GrdAPI functions to manage the system.

Which are the two commands that the administrator can use to search for the required commands and their syntax from within either CLI or GrdAPI?

  1. CLI: commands lt;search optiongt; GrdApi: grdapi lt;search optiongt; -help

  2. CLI: help lt;search optiongt;

    GrdApi: grdapi -help lt;search optiongt;

  3. CLI: commands lt;search optiongt; GrdAPI: grdapi command lt;search optiongt;

  4. CLI: lt;search optiongt; -help

GrdApi: grdapi lt;search optiongt; -help=true

Answer: D

Question No: 6

A Guardium administrator manages an environment containing four standalone Collectors. The administrator has been asked to provide a weekly report showing all Data Manipulation Language (DML) SQL statements performed by all database administrators on all databases. The administrator does not want to run the report on each Collector.

What should the administrator do to simplify this task and run the report in only one place every week?

  1. Replace the 4 Collectors with one Aggregator.

  2. Create an Enterprise Report on one Collector combining the data.

  3. Add a Guardium Aggregator to the environment. Create and run the report on the Aggregator.

  4. install a Configuration Auditing System (CAS) on each Database Server. Configure the CAS Client to send data to a Collector. Create and run the report on the Collector.

Answer: C

Question No: 7

A company has recently acquired Guardium software entitlement to help meet their upcoming PCI-DSS audit requirements. The company is entitled to Standard Guardium DAM offering.

Which of the following features can the Guardium administrator use with the current entitlement? (Select two.)

  1. Run Vulnerability Assessment reports

  2. Generate audit reports using PCI-DSS Accelerator

  3. Block and quarantine an unauthorized database connection

  4. Mask sensitive PCI-DSS information from web application interface

  5. Log and alert all database activities that access PCI-DSS Sensitive Objects.

Answer: A,B

Question No: 8

AGuardium administrator needs to upgrade BUNDLE-STAP on a Linux server to the latest version using GIM. What parameter should the administrator set to ensure the upgrade will not require a reboot of the server?





Answer: C

Question No: 9

AGuardium environment is set up to send daily reports to users. The users are complaining that their report has not been delivered to their inbox for the past week. What is the first action the Guardium administrator should take in order to diagnose the problem?

  1. Open a ticket with IBM Support.

  2. Pause the User Portal Sync process.

  3. Check in the Aggregation/Archive log.

  4. Check in the Scheduled Job Exceptions.

Answer: D

Question No: 10

A Guardium administrator installed an S-TAP but is not seeing any data in reports on the collector. The administrator discovered that an Inspection Engine is not configured for that S-TAP.

What is an Inspection Engine?

  1. A piece of software residing on the Collectors.

  2. Another software to be installed on the Database server.

  3. The same thing as the policy and it runs on the S-TAP to inspect the traffic in real-time.

  4. A set of parameters needed for the S-TAP to define how to monitor traffic for a particular database instance on a server.

Answer: C

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