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IBM Security Qradar SIEM Implementation v 7.2.1

Question No: 51

A customer is planning to deploy WinCollect Agents on hundreds of windows server in its environment. the customer has decided to go with local event collection by installing WinCollect agent on each server. the customer SIEM administrator does not want to configure individual log sources after the deployment.

What parameter can be used in WinCollect while installing the agent using command line?





Answer: B

Question No: 52

Which Log Source Type should be used to add a Log Source with Log Source Extension?

  1. Any

  2. Custom

  3. Universal DSM

  4. Log Source Extension

Answer: D Explanation:


Question No: 53

What is used to collect security events in a QRadar Distributed Deployment?

  1. QRadar 3105 Console

  2. QRadar 1705 Processor

  3. QRadar 1605 Processor

  4. QRadar 1201 QFlow Collector

Answer: D Explanation:


Question No: 54

Where does the information about total number of Assets and Vulnerability processed appear?

  1. Asset table in Assets tab

  2. VA Scanner Configuration screen

  3. Vulnerabilities Tab gt; Scan Result

  4. Mouse Ober popup on Schedule Scan Status field

Answer: C Explanation:


Question No: 55

A customer wants to view Log Sources based on functionality on QRadar console. The customer wants to categorize its Log Sources into multiple groups, which allows the customer to efficiently view and track its log sources.

What is the maximum number of log sources a log source group can display on the QRadar console?

A. 100

B. 500

C. 750

D. 1000

Answer: B Explanation:


Question No: 56

Which function allows a custom event property to be removed from a selected event?

  1. Anomaly

  2. Map Event

  3. False Positive

  4. Extract Property

Answer: D

Question No: 57

Which string creates a network hierarchy group called WebServers inside a group called DMZ?

D. DMZ WebServers

  1. DMZ/WebServers

  2. DMZ_WebServersC. DMZWebServers

Answer: A

Question No: 58

Which two proxy options are supported by QRadar Auto Update Advanced settings? (Choose two.)

  1. Proxy Port

  2. Proxy Type

  3. Proxy Name

  4. Proxy Category

  5. Proxy Username

Answer: D,E Explanation:


Question No: 59

Which proxy option can be set in the QRadar Auto Update Advanced settings?

  1. Proxy Type

  2. Proxy Name

  3. Proxy Schedule

  4. Proxy Password

Answer: D Explanation:


Question No: 60

There are unknown log records from unsupported security device events in the Log activity tab. You are planning to write an LSX for an unsupported security device type based on UDSM.

What is the file format and payload option for exporting the unknown log records?

  1. PDF and full export

  2. CSV and full export

  3. XML and visible columnD. CSV and visible column

Answer: C

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