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CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate CCNA

Question No: 111 – (Topic 3)

Which command can you use to manually assign a static IPv6 address to a router interface?

A. ipv6 autoconfig 2001:db8:2222:7272::72/64

B. ipv6 address 2001:db8:2222:7272::72/64

  1. ipv6 address PREFIX_1 ::1/64

  2. ipv6 autoconfig

Answer: B

Question No: 112 – (Topic 3)

You are working in a data center environment and are assigned the address range You are asked to develop an IP addressing plan to allow the maximum number of subnets with as many as 30 hosts each. Which IP address range meets these requirements?

A. B. C. D. E.

Answer: D

Question No: 113 – (Topic 3)

Which of these represents an IPv6 link-local address?

A. FE80::380e:611a:e14f:3d69 B. FE81::280f:512b:e14f:3d69 C. FEFE:0345:5f1b::e14d:3d69 D. FE08::280e:611:a:f14f:3d69

Answer: A

Question No: 114 – (Topic 3)

The network administrator is asked to configure 113 point-to-point links. Which IP addressing scheme defines the address range and subnet mask that meet the requirement and waste the fewest subnet and host addresses?

A. subnetted with mask B. subnetted with mask C. subnetted with mask D. subnetted with mask E. subnetted with mask

Answer: D

Question No: 115 – (Topic 3)

Which IPv6 address is the equivalent of the IPv4 interface loopback address

A. ::1

B. ::

C. 2000::/3

D. 0::/10

Answer: A

Question No: 116 – (Topic 3)

Refer to the exhibit.

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Which subnet mask will place all hosts on Network B in the same subnet with the least amount of wasted addresses?





Answer: B

Question No: 117 – (Topic 3)

Which two statements describe characteristics of IPv6 unicast addressing? (Choose two.)

  1. Global addresses start with 2000::/3.

  2. Link-local addresses start with FE00:/12.

  3. Link-local addresses start with FF00::/10.

  4. There is only one loopback address and it is ::1.

  5. If a global address is assigned to an interface, then that is the only allowable address for the interface.

Answer: A,D

Question No: 118 – (Topic 3)

Refer to the exhibit.

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All of the routers in the network are configured with the ip subnet-zero command. Which network addresses should be used for Link A and Network A? (Choose two.)

A. Network A – B. Network A – C. Network A – D. Link A –

E. Link A –

F. Link A –

Answer: B,D

Question No: 119 – (Topic 3)

Which command enables IPv6 forwarding on a Cisco router?

  1. ipv6 local

  2. ipv6 host

  3. ipv6 unicast-routing

  4. ipv6 neighbor

Answer: C

Question No: 120 – (Topic 3)

Refer to the exhibit.

Dumps4Cert 2017 PDF and VCE

In this VLSM addressing scheme, what summary address would be sent from router A?

A. /16

B. /20

C. /24

D. /16

E. /17

F. /16

Answer: A

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