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Implementing Cisco Secure Access Solutions

Question No: 81

Which two are best practices to implement profiling services in a distributed environment? (Choose two)

  1. use of device sensor feature

  2. configuration to send syslogs to the appropriate profiler node

  3. netflow probes enabled on central nodes

  4. node-specific probe configuration

  5. global enablement of the profiler service

Answer: B,D Explanation:

https://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/security/ise/1.0/user_guide/ise10_prof_pol.html#wp134 0515

You can deploy the Cisco ISE profiler service either in a standalone environment (on a single node), or in a distributed environment (on multiple nodes).

Depending on the type of your deployment and the license you have installed, the profiler service of Cisco ISE can run on a single node or on multiple nodes.

You need to install either the base license to take advantage of the basic services or the advanced license to take advantage of all the services of Cisco ISE.

The ISE distributed deployment includes support for the following:

  • The Deployment Nodes page supports the infrastructure for the distributed nodes in the distributed


  • A node specific configuration of probes-The Probe Config page allows you to configure the probe per node.

  • Global Implementation of the profiler Change of Authorization (CoA).

  • Configuration to allow syslogs to be sent to the appropriate profiler node.

    Question No: 82

    A network administration wants to set up a posture condition on Cisco ISE to check for the file name Posture.txt in C:\ on a Windows machine. Which condition must the network administrator configuration?

    1. Service condition

    2. Registry condition

    3. Application condition

    4. File condition

    Answer: D

    Question No: 83

    Where is dynamic SGT classification configured?

    1. Cisco ISE

    2. NAD

    3. supplicant

    4. RADIUS proxy

    Answer: A

    Question No: 84

    Which network access device feature can you configure to gather raw endpoint data?

    1. Device Sensor

    2. Device Classifier

    3. Switched Port Analyzer

    4. Trust Anchor

    Answer: A

    Question No: 85

    Which command enables static PAT for TCP port 25?

    A. nat (outside,inside) static eq smtp

    1. nat static eq smtp

    2. nat (inside,outside) static service tcp smtp smtp

    D. static (inside,outside) netmask

    Answer: C

    Question No: 86

    Which condition triggers wireless authentication?

    1. NAS-Port-Type is set to IEEE 802.11.

    2. Framed-Compression is set to None.

    3. Service-Type is set to Framed.

    4. Tunnel-Type is set to VLAN.

    Answer: A

    Question No: 87

    Which option is the correct format of username in MAB authentication?

    1. host/LSB67.cisco.com

    2. chris@cisco.com

    C. 10:41:7F:46:9F:89

    D. CISCO\chris

    Answer: C

    Question No: 88

    Cisco ISE distributed deployments support which three features? (Choose three.)

    1. global implementation of the profiler service CoA

    2. global implementation of the profiler service in Cisco ISE

    3. configuration to send system logs to the appropriate profiler node

    4. node-specific probe configuration

    5. server-specific probe configuration

    6. NetFlow probes

    Answer: A,C,D

    Question No: 89

    Which command configures console port authorization under line con 0?

    A. authorization default|WORD


    1. authorization line con 0|WORD

    2. authorization exec default|WORD

    Answer: D

    Question No: 90

    A malicious user gained network access by spoofing printer connections that were authorized using MAB on four different switch ports at the same time. What two catalyst switch security features will prevent further violations? (Choose two)

    1. DHCP Snooping

    2. 802.1AE MacSec

    3. Port security

    4. IP Device tracking

    5. Dynamic ARP inspection

    6. Private VLANs

    Answer: A,E

    Explanation: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/products/collateral/ios-nx-os-software/identity- based-networking-services/


    DHCP snooping is fully compatible with MAB and should be enabled as a best practice. Dynamic Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) Inspection (DAI) is fully compatible with MAB and should be enabled as a best practice.

    In general, Cisco does not recommend enabling port security when MAB is also enabled. Since MAB enforces a single MAC address per port (or per VLAN when multidomain authentication is

    configured for IP telephony), port security is largely redundant and may in some cases interfere with the expected operation of MAB.

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